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Unlocking Your Company's Full Brain Power: Beyond the 10%

We discuss the concept of 'Wise Crowds' and how, when intelligently assembled, they can outperform individuals or small groups of experts. This isn't about increasing numbers, but about enhancing diversity in experience, expertise, and perspective to avoid innovation-stifling echo chambers and identify critical blind spots. Wizer's platform is designed to ensure that the right mix of people is involved in each decision.

AUTHOR: Kylee Ingram

It's a popular myth that humans only use 10% of their brains (if you missed the Episode of MythBusters its more like 35%) . While debunked in neuroscience, this myth metaphorically holds true in the corporate world. Many companies, much like the myth, only utilize a fraction of their collective brainpower when making crucial decisions. But what if you could unlock the other 90%?

The Hidden Potential Within

Just as every neuron in the brain has potential, every employee in your company holds unique insights and capabilities. Yet, traditional decision-making processes often sideline this vast reservoir of knowledge, relying instead on the input from a select few. This approach not only limits the scope of innovation but also impedes engagement across the workforce. The consequence? A staggering $550 billion lost annually in the U.S. alone due to employee disengagement.

Wiser Decisions Through Wise Crowds

Research has shown that crowds, when wisely assembled, make better decisions than individuals or even small groups of experts. This isn’t about getting more people to the table; it's about getting the right people to the table. The key is diversity—not just in demographics but in experience, expertise and thought. By incorporating a variety of perspectives, companies can avoid echo chambers that stifle innovation and miss critical blind spots.

The Right People, Every Time

At Wizer, we believe in unlocking your company's full brainpower by ensuring the right mix of people are involved in each decision. Our platform doesn't just gather crowds; it intelligently identifies who should be part of the conversation based on expertise, experience, and diversity. This tailored approach ensures that every decision leverages the collective intelligence of your workforce, tapping into the underutilized 90% of your company's potential.

Engagement and Beyond

The benefits of engaging a broader segment of your workforce in decision-making processes go beyond just better outcomes. It also fosters a deeper sense of involvement and value among employees, combating disengagement and turning everyday opportunities into a catalyst for company-wide engagement and growth.


Unlock your company's brainpower with a shift in perspective—from seeing decision-making as the responsibility of the few to empowering the many. By harnessing the collective intelligence of diverse and well-rounded teams, your company can not only make smarter decisions but also foster a more engaged and innovative workplace.

You have the talent unlocking them could be the quickest way to help your bottom line.

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