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The Case for Insourcing: Activating Internal Talent for Strategic Success

By Kylee Ingram

4 min read

Insourcing represents a strategic pivot from traditional reliance on external consultants to embracing and elevating internal expertise. Tools like Wizer are pivotal in this transition, enabling organizatio...

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Paella dish

By Dr David Cooke

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Why I wrote Kind Business

Dr David Cooke shares with us why he wrote his book Kind Business - Values create Values. David Cooke draws from extensive research and personal experience to present a compelling case for a kinder, more empathetic approach to business. The book outlines practical strategies for integrating core values into everyday operations, demonstrating with real world examples how ethical practices not only benefit society but also drive financial success.

Paella dish

By Kylee Ingram

Read Time Clock Icon 5 min read

The Crucial Art of Asking the Right Questions in Decision-Making

Discover the transformative power of asking the right questions in decision-making. Effectively structured queries can shape organizational strategies, foster inclusivity, and drive better outcomes.


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