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Superforecasters: Balancing Expertise in Decision Making

By Kylee Ingram

2 min read

In the realm of predictions and decision-making, there is a fascinating concept known as "Superforecasters." But what makes a Superforecaster, and how does this concept relate to the approach taken by Wizer...

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Paella dish

By Kylee Ingram

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The Power of Wise Crowds

In the world of decision-making, one concept stands out: the wisdom of crowds. At Wizer, we believe that a wise crowd collectively knows more than the wisest person within it. But what's the secret to harnessing this wisdom, and how does it differ from traditional methods like committees, surveys, and polls?

Paella dish

By David Court

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Using Wizer to shortlist

Shortlisting is harder than it looks. Say you advertise an amazing job at your organisation and get 300 applications. How do you sort these down to a shortlist?


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