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How to Make Great Decisions: Insights from 30 Leading Decision-Makers

By Kylee Ingram

6 min read

Here is Decision-making wisdom from 30 of the world’s most influential thinkers - strategies for enhancing our ability to choose wisely. Despite the loss of three of these luminaries, their groundbreaking c...

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Wondering which blogs everyone else loves most? We get it! You want the tried-and-trues! The ride-or-dies! The absolute keep-it-in-the-weekly-rotation faves. Well, here they are. Some of our most popular, best of the best.

Paella dish

By Kylee Ingram

Read Time Clock Icon 3 min read

Thank you to the man who made it all possible Daniel Kahneman

As we mourn the loss of Daniel Kahneman, we also celebrate the monumental contributions he made to our understanding of the mind and decision making! His legacy informs our work at Wizer. Without his groundbreaking research, our platform would not exist. Daniel Kahneman’s visionary work will forever be a cornerstone of not only what we do but how we think.

Paella dish

By Kylee Ingram

Read Time Clock Icon 3 min read

How much credence should we give crowd wisdom?

James Surowiecki proposed that groups, under the right circumstances, can make decisions that are surprisingly intelligent and often superior to what the smartest individuals in those groups could achieve on their own.


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