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Echo Chambers: Blurring Lines Between Social Media and Business Decisions

By Kylee Ingram

3 min read

A prominent feature of our social media interactions, has extended its reach into the realm of business decision-making. This crossover raises significant concerns about how our personal biases, reinforced ...

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Paella dish

By Kylee Ingram

Read Time Clock Icon 5 min read

The Crowd to the Rescue: Concrete Examples of Collective Wisdom

Crowd wisdom, or the concept that large groups can often provide more accurate and diverse solutions than individuals, is not just a theory. It's been demonstrated repeatedly in real-world scenarios across different fields and platforms.

Paella dish

By Kylee Ingram

Read Time Clock Icon 4 min read

Navigating the Maze of Social Influence in Crowd Wisdom

The wisdom of crowds, while robust, is susceptible to the subtle forces of social influence. Recognizing and mitigating these effects is essential for leveraging collective intelligence effectively in decision-making processes.


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