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The Crucial Art of Asking the Right Questions in Decision-Making

By Kylee Ingram

5 min read

Discover the transformative power of asking the right questions in decision-making. Effectively structured queries can shape organizational strategies, foster inclusivity, and drive better outcomes. ...

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Paella dish

By Briget Gray, Dr Tom Verghese, Mylan Vu

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Building Inclusive Decision Making

Explore expert strategies to enrich organizational decision-making with diverse perspectives. Enhance effectiveness and drive change by embracing inclusivity at all levels.

Paella dish

By Kylee Ingram

Read Time Clock Icon 4 min read

Unlocking Your Company's Full Brain Power: Beyond the 10%

We discuss the concept of 'Wise Crowds' and how, when intelligently assembled, they can outperform individuals or small groups of experts. This isn't about increasing numbers, but about enhancing diversity in experience, expertise, and perspective to avoid innovation-stifling echo chambers and identify critical blind spots. Wizer's platform is designed to ensure that the right mix of people is involved in each decision.


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