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Superforecasters: Balancing Expertise in Decision Making

In the realm of predictions and decision-making, there is a fascinating concept known as "Superforecasters." But what makes a Superforecaster, and how does this concept relate to the approach taken by Wizer?

AUTHOR: Kylee Ingram

In the realm of predictions and decision-making, there exists a fascinating concept known as "Superforecasters." These individuals possess an extraordinary knack for making accurate forecasts, often surpassing the predictions of domain-specific experts. But what makes a Superforecaster, and how does this concept relate to the approach taken by Wizer?

Phil Tetlock, a prominent figure in the field of political science and decision-making, introduced the concept of Superforecasters. He invited people to take his test to see if they possessed the qualities of a Superforecaster, estimating that roughly 2% of the population embodies these characteristics.

So, what are the traits that define a Superforecaster?

1. High Intelligence: Superforecasters typically exhibit above-average intelligence, although they don't necessarily need to be off-the-charts geniuses.

2. Broad Domain Knowledge: They possess extensive knowledge, especially in areas like politics, allowing them to draw from a wide range of information when making predictions.

3. Actively Open-Minded: Superforecasters score high on tests of actively open-minded thinking. They are willing to seek out and consider information that challenges their existing beliefs.

4. Enjoy Forecasting: These individuals genuinely enjoy the process of thinking critically and making forecasts. It's not just a task; it's a passion.

5. Belief in Cultivated Skill: Superforecasters believe that forecasting skill can be developed through practice and learning, rather than being solely an innate ability or luck.

6. Scientific Worldview: They tend to adopt a scientific worldview, emphasizing evidence-based thinking over intuition or superstition.

7. Limited Faith in Fate: Superforecasters rely on data and analysis rather than placing too much faith in fate or luck.

While Superforecasters are undoubtedly remarkable, Wizer takes a different approach to decision-making. Instead of seeking out a single super expert, Wizer focuses on creating the most balanced and diverse crowds to ensure well-informed decisions. This is achieved through the concept of "Decision Making Profiles."

Decision Making Profiles help businesses, both small and large, gather the right mix of expertise for each specific decision they face. By identifying individuals with relevant knowledge, skills, and perspectives, Wizer ensures that the decision-making process is inclusive, balanced, and effective.

Rather than relying on a rare breed of Superforecasters, Wizer harnesses the collective wisdom of a well-rounded crowd to drive better decision outcomes. In an increasingly complex world, this approach offers a reliable and practical way to navigate the challenges of decision-making with confidence.

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