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Community Manager - Ambassador program

We are hiring a community manager. Join our team at Wizer! We are a startup that is shaking-up the space around decisions. We are a fun, forward thinking, values driven team.

AUTHOR: Kylee Ingam

Community Manager for our Ambassador program

Come join our team at Wizer! We are a startup that is shaking-up the space around decisions. We are humanising decisions by pushing the best people into your crowd for whatever choice you need to make. We are a fun, forward thinking, values driven team. Wizer is a social platform people use to make better decisions. At Wizer we are helping people make better decisions through our technology that uses AI to recommend people who will help you make any decision big or small.

To learn more about our platform, you can download Wizer here(www.wizer.life).

We are looking for a Community Manager who can help us design and implement our ambassador program.  We are looking to build an ambassador program for our superusers and our experts who help users make better decisions.

This is a part time role and your focus will be to build and manage a highly engaged community where users stay with us long term. Role Responsibilities

  • Develop a strategy for our ambassador program for our super users and our experts (experts as identified through our system under the 28 categories we have created - they are the people who are best at answering questions about health, education, relationships etc)

  • Implement our strategy around our ambassador program

  • Engaging with our community and providing feedback to the management and stakeholders about what you are hearing

  • Planning and executing our community initiatives and programmes

  • Identify opportunities for our experts to engage with brands

  • Participation in social events, corporate events and workshops

  • Work with our other community team members who are focused on bringing people to the platform

Ideally you will have Hard Skills

  • 2+ years experience in a communications role

  • Proven ability to develop creative, engaging and original content

  • Experience in creating ambassador programs

  • Proficiency in social media management tools

  • Comfort with developing (and delivering) presentations to build audience, clients and customers 

Soft Skills

  • Friendly and outgoing personality

  • Good judgement and problem-solving skills

  • Curiosity

We are a values driven company with a clear purpose. 


Better decisions

We help people make better decisions by connecting them with the best wise crowds OUR CORE VALUES

As an organisation these are core values and principles we live by:

  • Think like a customer

  • Users first 

  • Integrity

  • Spirited Fun

  • People Company 

  • Honour knowledge and Diversity

  • Privacy First


Deliver decisions Real Experts Wise crowds Genuine Community

Please apply via email kylee (at) wizer.life

Attach your CV and let me know about your experience with ambassador programs (dot point is fine) that would be terrific.

To learn more about me you can see my profile below. I am looking forward to meeting you https://www.linkedin.com/in/kyleeingram/

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