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Imagine being able to ask any question and having a wise crowd to help you answer.

Imagine being able to ask any question and having a wise crowd to help you answer.

Wizer finds you the right people for every decision.

A crowd with the right mix of diversity and expertise


Crowd of as few as six people can make better decisions than any one person, even an expert. A crowd can see past the biases, assumptions and even experiences that sometimes blind us to real opportunities and better choices.

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Through the use of our technology, AI and machine learning. Wizer knows just the crowd to get you your answer.

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Our live data shows you who is missing from your crowd. It suggests who would help you make a better decision. See you strengths and weaknesses in your decision making profile.

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Help people make
better decisions!

Be an expert in your expertise.
Offer opinion, advice or

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Client Testimonials

"Wizer makes perfect sense to us. It's a tool we can use to help make critical marketing decisions. "


Jasmin McSweeny

New Zealand Film Commission

"The Wizer process opened our minds to new ways of attracting funding; learning how to pitch ideas; an introduction to how philanthropy works. The benefits to researchers, philanthropists and above all, children’s health is something to be proud of and aspire to."


Nicola Stokes

Head of Sydney Children's Hospital Foundation

"Wizer has been a pivotal tool in connecting with our site visitors in real time. The tagging map feature allows us to target questions with relevant web pages. Coincidingly, we have seen an increase in the average time spent per page, as visitors are able to engage with the review."


Tijana Laganin

Head of Marketing, Wine Pilot

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Superforecasters: Balancing Expertise in Decision Making

By Kylee Ingram

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Superforecasters: Balancing Expertise in Decision Making
In the realm of predictions and decision-making, there is a fascinating concept known as "Superforecasters." But what makes a Superforecaster, and how does this concept r...
The Power of Wise Crowds

By Kylee Ingram

Clock Image3 min read
The Power of Wise Crowds
In the world of decision-making, one concept stands out: the wisdom of crowds. At Wizer, we believe that a wise crowd collectively knows more than the wisest person withi...
Using Wizer to shortlist

By David Court

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Using Wizer to shortlist
Shortlisting is harder than it looks. Say you advertise an amazing job at your organisation and get 300 applications. How do you sort these down to a shortlist?...

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